Bio :

Born 1999, I am an artist of French and Swiss citizenship. I started metalworking as a hobby while I was in high school, and continued teaching myself for 5 years through experimentation and online resources. In 2018 I decided to go after what makes me happy, and I have since joined the metal art programme at HDK-Valand, Gothenburg university where I continue to develop my artistic practice. Having followed strict scientific education before, my main interest now lies in material expression and materiality.

Artist statement :

I connect with the strange mixture of irregular and man-made, bizarre forms that are a result of an instinctive and relieving process, like a crumpled piece of paper or ripped fabric. These phenomena are ambiguous, calm and active, tense and relaxed, like memories of a transformation.

My work oscillates between the fascination for the uncontrollable and the fear of losing grip on the real.

I explore these expressions through a variety of metal working techniques like forging, welding or grinding. Metal is my material of choice. Because it allows me to be free in my process, It matches the freedom I decided to take when I decided to study art.

Education :

2019-2021 : Bachelor of fine arts in Metal, Gothenburg University HDK, Sweden

2018 : Bachelor in material sciences, Mulhouse University, France

2017 : European Engineering school of material sciences (EEIGM), Nancy, France

Exhibitions :

2022, October : Solo show, Galerie Daniel Vignal, Vabre (France)

2021, October : Vestiges, Galerie Daniel Vignal, Vabre (France)

2021, June – August : Fossekleiva kultursenter, collaboration with Ingrid Hopp-Hegg, Svelvik (Norway)

2021, 28 May – 31 August : Summer Exhibition in Österbybruck, (Sweden)

2021, 25-28 June : Focus Art Fair, Atelier Richelieu, Paris (France)

2021, 3-8 May : Solo Exhibition, Marvelous art Gallery (Online)

2020, November : Body of work, Dals Langed (Sweden)

2020, October : Various works, Bengtsfors (Sweden)

2019 : Swedish Artist Blacksmiths Association convention, Dals Langed (Sweden)

2019 : Le métal dans l’art, Mulhouse (France)

2019 : Marché des arts Mulhouse (France)

2018 : Duod’art Mulhouse (France)

Represented :

Albe art gallery

Publications :

2021 : No Name Collective Magazine, April issue

2021 : Albe Art Magazine, winter/spring edition

2021 : Marvelous Art Magazine, May issue

2021 : Art Hole 9

2021 : The Working Artist (I), Front cover

2019 : Le métal dans l’art, L’Alsace