I connect with the strange mixture of irregular and man-made, bizarre forms that are a result of an instinctive and relieving process, like a crumpled piece of paper or ripped fabric. These phenomena are ambiguous, calm and active, tense and relaxed, like memories of a transformation. My pieces come from me but my work is not about me.

I then connect this discovery to a feeling, which gives me a direction to follow.

This series of object is a translations in metal from my experimentations in plastic.

For this body of work, my starting point is inevitability. This feeling I use is a mix of anxiety and anticipation, you know something is going to happen, you don’t know what or when but it is coming and nothing can be done.

I use this notion as a tool to tune the expression of the work I produce. Rather than beeing an endgoal, it allows me to have the same theme throughout the whole body of work. It is not my intention to force this on the viewer, but rather to create a series of objects that share a common language.

This body of work is a group of sculptural objects, created with the gallery setting in mind. They can work together as a composition in an installation but they express the same notion by themselves as well.

group view of Inevitability

Following are some process pictures of the making of the pieces.