Théotime is a metal based artist with French and Swiss citizenship, currently based in Oslo, Norway. After he learned the craft of metalworking, he developed his artistic practice into sculptural and installation work. Originally from a scientific background, he now explores materiality and visual expression through his material of choice. His work is shown internationally across Europe.

As a material based artist, my process starts with an exploration beyond the realm of traditional techniques leading to a series of material experiments. In my work, Forging, welding, machining, and other metalworking techniques are approached as sources of potential expressions rather than means of production. I am at first guided by materiality, the traits of metal itself, while a combination of introspection, research and critical observation results in a work that is rooted in craft, as well as conceptually articulated.

Craft acts as a nexus between the material and emotional worlds. It allows metal to embody the intangibility of uncomfortable emotions that linger in darkness. Metal is explored as a sensitive and expressive media that I use to initiate an exchange between the emotional and the physical. I create multi-layered installations in which works and supporting structures are indistinguishable. Ranging from miniature to large, using various metals and a broad range of techniques my work indiscriminately includes skillful craft as well as experimental approaches in which metal is no longer recognizable. From the resulting immersive installations emerges contemplative, introspective experiences.

Education :

2022-2024 : Master of Material Based Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway

2022 : Bachelor of fine arts in Metal, Gothenburg University HDK, Sweden

Solo Shows :

2023, January : Remains, Excavating Feelings, Galleri Seilduken 2, Oslo (Norway)

2022, October : Osteogenesis, Galerie Daniel Vignal, Vabre (France)

Duo Shows :

2022, March : “Visiting Grandma”, Ingrid Hopp-Hegg and Théotime Ritzenthaler, Dals Langed (Sweden)

2022, January : MATTERISM, Duo exhibition with Ingrid Hopp-Hegg, Fossekleiva kultursenter (Norway)

Group Shows :

2023, April : The Sound of a Seed, Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO), Oslo (Norway)

2022, December : POINT TO POINT, LINK TO LINK – RHETORICAL FIGUR, Galleri Skranken, Oslo (Norway)

2022, October : Extended Family II, Stockholm Craft Week, Stockholm (Sweden)

2022, September : Durability Parameters, Galleri Skranken, Oslo (Norway)

2022, May : Exam Exhibition 22, Trädgårdsföreningen Gothenburg (Sweden)

2021, November : KALHYGGE, Kalhygge collective, Nya Magasinet, Dals Langed (Sweden)

2021, October : Vestiges, Galerie Daniel Vignal, Vabre (France)

2021, June – August : Fossekleiva kultursenter, collaboration with Ingrid Hopp-Hegg (Norway)

2021, 28 May – 31 August : Summer Exhibition in Österbybruck, (Sweden)

2021, 25-28 June : Focus Art Fair, Atelier Richelieu, Paris (France)

2020, November : Body of work, Dals Langed (Sweden)

2020, October : Various works, Bengtsfors Konsthall (Sweden)

2019 : Swedish Artist Blacksmiths Association convention, Dals Langed (Sweden)

2019 : Le métal dans l’art, Mulhouse (France)

2019 : Marché des arts Mulhouse (France)

2018 : Duod’art Mulhouse (France)

Residencies :


2022, January : Residency at Fossekleiva kultursenter (Norway)

Memberships :

Norske Kunsthåndverkere

Kalhygge Collective

Press :

2022 : Kubaparis, “Visiting Grandma”

2022 : Tired Mass, “Visiting Grandma”

2021 : No Name Collective Magazine, April issue

2021 : Albe Art Magazine, winter/spring edition

2021 : Marvelous Art Magazine, May issue

2021 : Art Hole 9

2021 : The Working Artist (I), Front cover

2019 : Le métal dans l’art, L’Alsace

Other :

2023 : Lecture for the art students at Collège-Lycée Episcopal de Zillisheim