“Excavating Feelings” delves into an exploration of emotions and the transformative potential of metalwork. By metaphorically excavating buried feelings and unearthing them through craft, the exhibition invites viewers to confront and engage with their own emotional landscapes.

Through a process of artistic excavation, I  expose the remnants of suppressed emotions. The raw, untreated, and weathered nature of the metal objects manifests the depths from which these emotions arise. The use of metal as a medium goes beyond its industrial connotations, presenting it as a sensitive and expressive material capable of embodying the intangible.

The juxtaposition of common objects within the exhibition space adds a touch of familiarity and relatability, allowing viewers to connect with the works on a personal level. This, along with the introspective and contemplative atmosphere created by the subdued lighting and isolating music, encourages a deeper engagement and self-reflection.

By embracing the sentimentality of craft and reconnecting with metal in its raw and expressive form, I not only explore my own emotions but also invite viewers to explore their own emotional realm. Through this transformative process, the exhibition challenges traditional perceptions of metal as a cold and instrumental material, revealing its capacity to evoke and convey deep emotional resonance.