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This project aims at creating a physical manifestation of nostalgia. Memories are simultaneously dead and alive, existing through us but impossible to reach. They are glorified, polished and bright, like lures of the past, trying to pull us into melancholia. Prisoners of time but still vibrant and intense.

These pieces are inspired by the branches of the scots pines growing in Sweden, when found dead on the ground, their dead-alive duality is strong. They have warm colours and lively shapes, but they are stiff and will crack before bending. Immuable and held prisoners of their current state by the risk of breaking.

Like our memories altered by the filters of the mind, the surface of the piece has been burnt after forging. Brass resembles gold, Gold attracts humans, it makes them blind to reality. The burning and brass coating of the piece acts in a similar way as a lure, distracting the viewer from the cracked and split surface.

Like the dead branch on the ground, these pieces are parts of something bigger. they don’t fit the white box, but have been placed there, as if they were memorials to memories.

Making process :